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LA + DC: Save the Date(s)!

Two upcoming bi-coastal events to celebrate the launch of Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World: For more info on the book, please visit:

On Being Queer and Jewish — And Why Neither Should Matter

I never thought of my Jewishness as a political statement. Until now.Honestly, I never thought much about my Jewishness at all. Until now.I went to a private Hebrew school for two years as a kid, but that was mainly because my mother also taught there. I also went to...

I Am Hated For Who I Am

I thought it would be better when I got back to LA. In some ways, it is. I haven’t heard an air raid siren since Saturday. Shrapnel isn’t likely to fall from the sky. The concept of war is not as aggressively in my face. I can no longer hear my...